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If you don't like being seen in the same high street fashion as every other Tom, Dick and Harry (or Harriet) and you have a hankering for t-shirts that are a little less bland, and a whole lot cooler than the stuff you find in the shops, you need to check out Bathroom Wall and their collection of rockin' shirts!

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Bathroom Wall Voucher Codes and Offers...

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About Bathroom Wall

by Anna

Category Manager

Bathroom Wall come to you on a mission: to offer an escape from boring t-shirts! Their ladies and men's tees are designed in-house by this small family run business, and they are also official stockists for some other alt t-shirt brands such as Sleazy Rock and Roll, Pet Dictators, Rock and Roll Geek, Ray Zell, Pedro Silva and Tom Bloomfield.

If you love music, TV, movies and/or books - and you like standing out from the crowd and showing off your fandom, Bathroom Wall have more than enough t-shirts to fill your chest of drawers! Music and band t-shirts cover pretty much every genre from indie and alternative to classic and hard rock to metal to folk, punk and reggae.

If you're a Netflix and chill kinda soul, get your fill of Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Monty Python, Breaking Bad and Doctor Who t-shirts. More of a movie buff? Action, comedy, sci-fi, horror fans and more are all looked after with the Bathroom Wall range of tees which include Raiders of the Lost Ark, Big Lebowski, Donnie Darko, and Spinal Tap designs.

And if you like Bathroom Wall's t-shirts, why not treat yourself (or a friend) to something from their range of gifts such as mugs, badges, and even their original artwork. Know any babies? Then you can't NOT buy them one of Bathroom Walls music or film inspired all-in-ones!

Do Bathroom Wall have any discounts or offers on their website?

Keep an eye on their Special Offers category where you may be lucky enough to find sale items or promotions.

What can I expect to pay for a Bathroom Wall t-shirt?

Printed men's t-shirts retail at £14.99 while a child's babygro romper sells for £10.99

Are there any special shipping promotions?

Yes, if you buy four t-shirts from Bathroom Wall, delivery is free to anywhere in the world.

What is Bathroom Wall's returns policy?

If you change your mind or are unhappy with your purchase, Bathroom Wall give you a generous 30 days in which to return your order.

Are Bathroom Wall's t-shirts licensed merchandise?

No, they are not. Bathroom Wall makes it very clear that their designs are inspired by movies, music, TV and books but are in no way affiliated with the artists or authors etc. In fact they are 'Gloriously Unofficial'!