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If you’re a self-confessed foodie and you love nothing more than artisanal products and ingredients - but you don’t often have the time to track them down - you’re in for a treat when you visit Ben & Jacob’s of Oxford. An online food emporium dedicated to all things tasty, check out their selection and we dare you not to buy something!

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About Ben & Jacobs of Oxford

by Anna

Category Manager

Ben & Jacob’s of Oxford is a website dedicated to the finer foodie things in life! They’re a small artisan producer of foods based in the Cotswolds who have dedicated themselves to creating products using traditional, fresh ingredients that haven’t been ‘bulked up’ with water.

Ben & Jacob’s of Oxford also work with other high quality producers of fine foods.

Focusing on a core selection of cooking sauces, purees, jams and chutneys, you’re bound to find something to tickle your tastebuds at Ben & Jacob’s of Oxford. Spice up your life with one of their Indian curry sauces: jalfrezi, kashmiri, korma, madras, rogan josh, tikka masala. Marrakech tagine and Thai green curry sauces are also available.

Or maybe you’re more of a chilli lover, in which case you’ll want to sample Ben & Jacob’s of Oxford’s aji amarillo, red cayenne, red habanero sauces and pastes, or their Carolina reaper puree.

Their classic Italian pasta sauces include tomato and mushroom, tomato and basil, and tomato and pepper. While their jam and chutneys, including the spicy tomato and onion chutney will delight lovers of preserves - and make a great gift!

What can I expect to spend on products on Ben & Jacob’s of Oxford’s website?

As an example, Ben & Jacob’s of Oxford’s curry sauces retail at £4 for a 350g sachet, as do their chutneys, pickles and jams which come in attractively labeled glass jars.

Is Ben & Jacob’s of Oxford part of a large corporation?

No, Ben & Jacob’s of Oxford is a family owned and run true artisan food producer. In the fact the company is named after the owner’s two sons: Ben and Jacob!

I’m also an artisanal food producer - can Ben & Jacob’s help me?

Yes - Ben & Jacob’s of Oxford also work with people who want to expand from their kitchen at home and begin producing their wares commercially.

What else can I expect from the Ben and Jacob’s of Oxford website?

You’ll find recipes to help you make the most of their sauces, tutorial videos and their blog which is written from the point of a artisanal food producer.

Ben & Jacobs of Oxford

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