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If you're a self-confessed bargain hunter and you love the thrill of online auctions, you need to visit BidGrid! To win an auction you need to have placed the lowest unique bid on that item. Select your bid got it...a grid, then wait and see if anyone picked the same amount as you. If they haven't, you're the winner and you could be saving as much as up to 99% on a product!

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About BidGrid

by Anna

Category Manager

Who doesn't love saving money? And if like most people you're always happy to show off about the cheap price you bought something for in a sale, BidGrid is going to make you REALLY smile! Their live auctions are not only fabulous money savers, but great fun too - in fact the site bills itself as the #1 Entertainment Auction.

So what kind of products can you expect to find in the auctions at BidGrid? Everything from perfumes and fragrances, console and board games, power tools, technology such as Kindles and micro SD cards, and home electronics and health and beauty products.

BidGrid also offers you the chance to bid on 'Bid Packs' which are set at a certain amount of money - say £5, £10 or £15. If you win the auction, you'll get that amount of money to spend on more bids.

Items are marked with a maximum bid price so you know you won't find you've accidentally blown a small fortune. In addition to this there is a limit to the number of times you can bid on a single item. There is a small fee, usually a matter of pence, for placing a bid and if you've won an auction you are also given the option of exchanging your item for cash or more bids.

How much money will I save using BidGrid?

That depends on the item, but the site lists brand new, quality products at a fraction of their normal retail price. The concept of the lowest unique bid is a normal auction in reverse and the winning bid will be the lowest amount that has only one bid.

Do I have to pay to register on BidGrid?

No. You will need to register with the website but it is free to join. Once you are a member you purchase 'bid packs' which you then use to place your bids on your chosen products.

What money saving features are there on BidGrid?

GridBid's 100% Bids Back Guarantee means that if you place £100 worth of bids on an item with a buy it now of £200 and don't win, you can buy the item for the remaining £100 after the auction has ended!

If I've won an auction, how much do I have to pay to have my product shipped to me?

Nothing. All BidGrid items are delivered free of charge, unless otherwise specified.

I'm not sure how to play and I don't want to waste money!

Don't worry - BidGrid offers free-to-play auctions where you can practice bidding until you get the hang of the reverse auction concept!