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Anyone that has even a passing interest in food or who watches television will be familiar with The Hairy Bikers - and you might well remember them for being - how shall we put it - quite portly gentlemen. Well not any longer because these days our freewheeling chefs are trimmer than ever - and they want to help you loose weight too with the Hairy Bikers Diet Club.

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About Hairy Bikers Diet Club

by Anna

Category Manager

The Hairy Bikers believe that you CAN still lose weight by eating good, wholesome, filling and tasty food. They even say they're "about good food, not rabbit food" and if you'd love to shed some pounds but aren't tempted by salad for every meal, the Hairy Bikers Diet Club could be the answer to your prayers!

The Hairy Bikers’ Diet Club focuses less on the lettuce and more on the energy equation: basically the calories you consume via food and drink versus the calories you burn through exercise. Their website has all the tools you need to monitor this balance of energy, plus you'll be able to really join the club by signing up for one of their diet plans.

With a range of different plans on offer including fixed term courses or ongoing membership, the Hairy Bikers’ Diet Club offers a range of options to suit all lifestyles and budgets. Plus with diets plans especially aimed at busy mums, blokes, and those wanting an intensive weight loss programme, you'll be bound to find something to suit you.

Best of all the Hairy Bikers are with you every step of the way and plans include recipes for weight loss, weekly meal plans and tutorials, forums to chat to other dieters, an online diary to track weight loss, and inspiring and fun video messages from the Hairy Bikers themselves. This is a motivational way to embrace a healthier lifestyle without having to go the journey alone.

Are there any special offers on the Hairy Bikers’ Diet Club website?

Yes, if you join today, you'll get one month's membership for free. Save some financial pounds while losing some lb pounds!

How much can I expect to pay for membership?

Prices vary but as an example, membership to the 3 Month Buddy Bundle works out at just £1.96 per week.

How do I know I'll lose weight with the Hairy Bikers’ Diet Club?

Of course, that's down to you, but for some inspiration from past and current members take a look at some of the before and after photos and read the success stories on the Hairy Bikers’ Diet Club website.

What makes Hairy Bikers’ Diet Club different?

The website is packed with recipes, tips and motivating messages from the Hairy Bikers. They have aimed to create a real 'weight loss community' and stay in touch with members through weekly contact. Members are also encouraged to support each other - great if you're doing this alone and want some support.

I'm vegetarian: I'm worried half the recipes won't be suitable for me.

Don't worry - there are currently three meal plans to choose from: Weight Loss (calorie-controlled meals), Vegetarian (meat-free meals) and Fast Track (a regime of just 1200 calories per day for quicker results).

Hairy Bikers Diet Club

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