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If you're a frequent flyer who is tired of slumming it in the communal waiting areas of airports, it's high time you got yourself on over to Lounge Pass.Enjoy the peace and quiet of a VIP lounge and board your flight in a state of cool, calm, collectedness rather than feeling frazzled and stressed out by your fellow passengers. You don't have to be flying business or first class to experience Lounge Pass!

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Lounge Pass Voucher Codes and Offers...

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About Lounge Pass

by Anna

Category Manager

Lounge Pass makes VIP indulgence affordable to everyone. Yes, even us mere mortals who fly economy or coach class! Enjoy a drink and a light snack before you board your plane, and relax in comfort before you embark upon your journey - all for less money than you might think.

With over 400 lounges across 250 airports including 25 in the UK alone, Lounge Pass are your gateway to an altogether more luxurious flight experience, whether you're traveling for business or for pleasure.

So what can you find behind those doors or frosted glass windows that you don't get in communal airport terminal areas? Wi-Fi, TV and a selection of newspapers and magazines for a start. Many lounges offer shower facilities to freshen up during your travels while some even offer spa treatments if you've a little more time to spend. Lounge Pass' most exclusive lounges even provide services such as en-suite bedrooms, games rooms, children’s play areas, mini cinemas, and even gyms if you want to expend some energy before boarding!

No matter whether you're flying outbound or return, no matter what class you're flying, and no matter which airline you're flying with, pre-book VIP lounge access through Lounge Pass and make your journey a more special or stress-free one.

How much does it cost to book access to an airport VIP lounge?

Prices vary but start at as low as £13.50 per traveller.

How can I pay for my pre-booked VIP lounge access?

You simply pay on the secure website at the time of booking via one of the following cards: Visa, Visa Delta, MasterCard or American Express.

Which countries do Lounge Pass operate in?

Lounge Pass offer pre-booked VIP lounge access to countries across the globe from as far flung as China to here in the UK where you can book a place in any one of 25 UK airports.

Has Lounge Pass won any awards?

Thank you for asking - yes they have! Lounge Pass were a finalist in the 2016 Saga Holidays 'Holiday Essentials Company of the Year' category.

Can I download my pass?

Yes, you can download your VIP lounge pass to your phone or other device to cut down on the waste of paper and for ease of use for you.