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If you, or your sleeping partner are troubled by snoring, an end to the pain caused by sleepless, noisy nights might just be at hand thanks to Meditas. Meditas is a British company that designs, develops and manufactures affordable products for the treatment of snoring. With a 98% success rate and patient satisfaction, isn’t it time you tried Meditas?

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About Meditas

by Anna

Category Manager

Snoring can cause untold stress on a relationship. Maybe one half of the partnership can’t sleep due to the snores of the other. Perhaps separate bedrooms have even become a reluctant necessity. Whatever the circumstances, you have probably tried, and possibly failed, to find a cure for the night time noise.

And that’s where Meditas come in with their unique, self designed and manufactured technology which is focused on products being comfortable and fit the wearer well, as well as being effective. Their SleepPro range of devices are made in Britain to strictly controlled standards, but are recommended and distributed internationally.

As well as focusing on stopping snoring, Meditas also produce high quality products that address the issues of sleep apneoa, sleep development and teeth grinding.

Their oral appliances and mandibular adjustment devices (MAD) have been thoroughly tested and are made in Meditas’s own dental laboratories in the UK. In fact, Meditas are so confident one of their medically approved, NHS recommended SleepPro devices can help eliminate snoring that they even offer a money back guarantee.

Are there any special offers I may be interested in on the Meditas website?

Meditas currently offer promotions such as ‘buy one, get one free’ on certain products. They aim to keep their prices affordable, while offering medically approved sleep aides to stop snoring and address other sleep issues.

Do Meditas have any certifications?

Yes, their SleepPro products are officially recommended by the NHS and are FDA Cleared.

Who is recommending Meditas?

Meditas’s SleepPro products are recommended to sufferers of sleep disorders by professionals in medical centres, dental clinics, general practices, pharmacies and hospitals.

What is the likelihood SleepPro will help me or my partner stop snoring?

Meditas boasts a 98% success rate of people that have completely stopped snoring while using one of their SleepPro products.

What if I’m one of the 2% that SleepPro doesn’t work for?

In that case, Meditas will offer you a full money back guarantee within 30 days of purchase.