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No one likes getting bitten by mosquitoes, but not everyone likes being covered in the sticky, often harmful chemicals that make up a lot of the mozzie repellents that are on the market. OnGuard is different; it's a natural, non-greasy, non-slip mosquito and insect repellent that is perfect for outdoor sports people who need to maintain a steady grip on a bat, club, or racket.

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About OnGuard

by Anna

Category Manager

Did you know that as a sportsman or woman, you're actually more at risk of insect bites than you may have thought? That's because mosquitoes will track the carbon dioxide you exhale and can detect body heat and something called volatile fatty acids that emanate from your skin. And when you're playing sports you're breathing harder and sweating more - releasing those scents that mozzies are attracted to.

But as any cricketer, tennis player, golfer, or baseball player will tell you, being covered in a slimy, oily substance that constitutes many insect repellents is not exactly great for your grip on your bat! That's why sports people the world over are turning to OnGuard with its unique non-slip formula.

And that's not all, because thanks to OnGuard being free of any of nasty harmful or abrasive chemicals that DEET based repellents contain, the surface of your racket or club, whether it's made of leather or plastic, or is painted or varnished, won't suffer any damage either.

Need even more reasons to turn to this natural insect repellent besides its non-toxic, effective and non-slip formula? How about if we told you that OnGuard is also moisturizing, refreshing on the skin and soothes existing bites too?!

How much can I expect to pay for OnGuard repellent?

OnGuard's repellents come in packs of assorted dispensers and formulas. Packs are priced at £19.25.

What formats does OnGuard come in?

You can buy OnGuard in spray, gel or roll-on formats.

What are the active ingredients in OnGuard?

OnGuard contains natural and effect active ingredients including Neem Oil (from India) and Pyrethrum (currently from Tasmania).

How much does delivery from OnGuard cost?

Delivery is free to the UK, USA and Canada.

How long is OnGuard effective for?

Normal activity offers protection for 4-5 hours. When asleep OnGuard will be effective for 8 hours or more. Those playing sports should apply more frequently, but as OnGuard is all-natural and non-toxic this is not an issue, unlike chemical or DEET repellents.