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P4D have two goals: firstly to make it easier than ever before for you to book national and international courier services, and secondly to offer you these services at preferential rates. With P4D you'll be saving time and money, no matter whether you send one parcel a month, or 100's every single day.

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About P4D

by Anna

Category Manager

It doesn't matter if you post the odd parcel to your Auntie Gwen in Australia twice a year on her birthday and at Christmas, you're a busy eBay seller who ships out dozens, or even hundreds, of small packages on a daily basis, or a manufacturing company who ships pallets to your customers, at P4D you'll have access to a wide range of professional delivery services offered by leading couriers, and at discounted rates.

The thing that gives P4D the edge is that they are software experts who work in the courier industry. They've developed their own courier booking system which means that it's quicker and easier for you to book your service and get your parcel posted or pallet shipped with a minimum of fuss.

Not only do P4D make life easier but they know that as a small business or individual, price is usually an important factor too. They've turned the courier industry around by offering you the low shipping rates that are traditionally only made available to large companies who regularly ship high volumes. How do they do this? By working as official resellers and partnering with major couriers then passing the discounts on to you.

Which couriers do P4D partner with?

P4D are official resellers of Send A Pallet, DHL, Collect+, Parcel Force Worldwide, UPS, Palletways, and Tuffnells among many more.

How can I get a quote for shipping my parcel or pallet?

Simply fill in the user-friendly form on P4D's website home page and you'll be shown delivery rates in an instant. There's no messing about having to wait for a quote or for someone to get back to you.

Do I need to open an account with P4D to use their service?

Not at all - you can use P4D's services with or without opening a P4D account, no matter how many parcels you send, be it one parcel a year or a handful per day.

Can you give me a rough idea of how much I'll be paying for a delivery?

Prices vary depending on destination, quantity, weight and type of delivery but to give you an idea, you can expect to pay from £16.59 for a delivery to the USA, from £9.99 for deliveries within the UK, and from £36 for pallets within the UK.

Can I track my delivery through the P4D website?

Yes you can. Use the handy tracking feature on their website home page by simply entering your P4D order number and you'll see the status of your parcel or pallet.