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Protect your household appliances and gadgets with comprehensive and competitively priced insurance from Row. Boasting excellent customer service from a UK based team and promising a super quick turnaround on claims, Row provides insurance cover to thousands of customers across the UK who reply on the fact they can make multiple annual claims if needed.

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by Anna

Category Manager

We've all been there: smartphones get dropped and screens get cracked, tablets get lost, iPads get stolen: it's both annoying, inconvenient - and expensive. And that's just our handhold devices. The opportunities for damage caused to, and by, household appliances is extensive too; washing machines can flood your kitchen, microwaves can explode and freezers can break down and ruin hundreds of pounds worth of food.

Put a stop to the financial burden and the ensuing stress by insuring your electronic devices and kitchen appliances with comprehensive and affordable insurance from Row. You'll love the ability to make multiple claims per year (if you're unlucky enough to need to!) as well as Row's speedy repair or replacement gadget and appliance service which aims to minimise the inconvenience of being without your items.

Row offer household insurance for everything from smartphones including the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, HTC One, Nokia 3310 and Sony Experia to handheld devices such as the iPad and Samsung tablets. Got an Apple watch, LG TV, camera, laptop or Pokedex? Get them insured for less. Row also insure fridges, freezers, microwaves, cookers/ovens/hobs, washing machines, dishwashers, and tumble dryers.

Are there any discounts available for me on Row's website?

Yes - you'll get 20% discount when you protect four gadgets and/or appliances on an annual basis.

How quickly will I receive a replacement gadget?

Row aim to get a replacement gadget to your door within 24 hours (one working day) of your claim being approved.

How do I know I can trust Row?

Row were shortlisted in the 2017 Claims Management Awards, and winner of the 2016 Insurance Choice Awards, which should give you some indication of how highly regarded they are in the insurance industry.

How can I pay for my insurance cover?

Row accept payment by direct debit, plus Visa, MasterCard and Maestro through secured online payment.

Do Row offer any other types of insurance?

Yes, if you're a landlord, talk to them about rented property insurance including boiler insurance. They also offer insurance for business appliances.

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